ReClock 1.9

ReClock is a DirectShow filter to enhance your video output with
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ReClock is a DirectShow filter to enhance your video output with. This program synchronizes your video output according to your video card´s internal clock. This way, the frames will be displayed matching your video card´s vertical sync parameter. The audio output is also synchronized to the same speed. ReClock can also adapt the output for media that don´t match the video card´s refresh rate, as NTSC on a PAL TV.

As a DirectShow filter, ReClock will run when you use DirectShow. You don´t have to launch it, so there´s not even an icon to execute. But you can configure its settings through an icon that the installation will place on your desktop. Through this direct link you will be able to configure Audio Settings such as the devices that you will use with Direct Sound, Wave Out and Kernel Streaming, the audio interface to be used with PCM and SPDIF/AC3 sound, and other settings. You can also configure the Video Settings such as the Hardware Access Method and Monitor Detection Method, and settings concerning the video rate. You will also be able to set hotkeys and other advanced settings.

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